No Ghosts That Haunt EP

by Paradox

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1st Press - June 2013 -100 Cassette tapes (sold out)

2nd Press - January 2014 - 300 one sided/screen printed vinyl LP (Euro Press - Symphony of Destruction 024 - contact:

3rd Press - March 2014 - 300 vinyl LP (USA Press - Increase The Pressure 001 - contact:


released April 19, 2013

Recorded March/April 2013 by Chris Heffernan
Mastered by Dan at Black Matter Mastering
Scott - guitar/vocals, Ben - bass, David- drums.



all rights reserved


Paradox Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Hardcore Punk

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Track Name: Lifeless Void
Living under the swelling cloud of violent tradition.
Paranoia and fear, unrelenting fear.

Do you feel the cold wind of death?
Life in a lifeless void.

Afraid to venture into uncharted darkness,
But it’s no ghosts that haunt.

Can you hear the constant sirens that warn us of our end?

Are we all born with this disease? Are we? Are you? Am I?
Track Name: Breaking Point
When the thinnest barrier breaks at the seams,
Power and control are just futile threats.

When boiling blood meets the pen of pigs,
Not even the fattest are safe.

When your golden walls crumble at your feet,
The sea of debris is where our future begins.

A legacy of piss and shit has reigned upon us for too long.

Here to the bottom they’re dragged below.
Where the invincible can die.
A future painted in the blood of the swine.
The untouchable still die…
Track Name: Witch Hunt
Hunted down, sieged, and searched.
Cursed to a darkened tomb.
Voiceless, no escape.

Laughter from those above.
Powerless are those below.
Because here, even thoughts are policed.

Witch hunt.
Black uniforms in the black of night.

You can be wiped out and erased.
You can be brainwashed and replaced.
Beware the night, no one is safe. Nothing is safe.

Safety sold for your rights.
Freedom: an intangible wish.
Because here, all movement has ceased.

Watchful eyes on every street, open ears in every home.
A tampered document awaits, for your turn to be erased.
Track Name: Tombs
Choose your grave among the fields,
Among the fields of endless nameless tombs.

Obscured vision from ash laced eyes.
A world left grey is nothing of ours.

The bastards continue their harvest of death,
Because to our suffering they’re simply immune.

All that lives here are corpses yet to be.
All that remains are the tombs.
Track Name: Capitulation
Constant voices, unbearable weight.
Choices hindered by fears unseen.
Fading knowledge, a life in the dark.

Submit to the unknown, the thoughts you have are not your own.
Here’s to the future, the darkened days.
A chill so cold, the darkest days.

The comfort of the chains that bind.
The ever-familiar lure.
Screaming with fury, silent response.
Questions unanswered again…

The holes in the plot seem so clear.

Without sight we’re told what to see.
Without thoughts, told what to fear.
Trying so hard to fathom.
But our memories were taken again…
Track Name: Filth
The ignorant feed like maggots to rot,
Until the lingering decay severs all growth.

All that thrived, and all that could be,
Is now lost within the fragments of filth.

And with the filth so thick how can we breath?
All attempts to move forward are set back again…
…as we suffocate.

But our screams of frustration mean nothing.

Tear out these eyes.
The hate, it fucking burns.