Strangulation EP

by Paradox




Out Fall 2014 on Imminent Destruction (Europe) and Shithammer (US)


released 01 November 2014

Scott: Guitar/vocals
Ben: Bass
David: Drums

Recorded Summer 2014 by David Prae in Atlanta.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Constant Grip
Free but not unchained. Bound but unaware.
Deep in the shadows in spreads. Not seen but it is there.

Like cancer it grows. To it we succumb.

The constant hum of control resonates through time.
From the pain of waking to the beat of the daily march.

Like cancer it grows. To it we succumb.
The constant grip of control constrains all through time.

It was born before birth. It remains after death.
Track Name: Diseased
An age old sickness. A flesh addiction.
An endless nightmare of blood soaked rot.

Your bodies serve as carcass graveyards.

Forgotten guilt when death is served
to watering mouths and shameless souls.

Sick addiction. Carnivorous disease
Track Name: Cursed
A struggle to live in this world for the shallow.
On the verge of constant defeat and surrender.

So I retreat to the void in my head,
In this dark place where I greet death.

Never forget the deep seated hate.
The fuel for my path, the will to charge ahead.

No one can relate. No one has a cure.
So I await my bed in the ground.

Exiled, cast out, alone in this hell.
When no one is left who’s to hate but myself?
This flesh is a scar that no time will heal.

Cursed and alone forever. Never forget.
Track Name: The Noose
Is this how it ends? With no honor or struggle,
As they kick out the chair with our necks in their noose.

Deceived again, by turncoat hands.
Betrayed again. Strangulated.

So we rip ourselves apart after years of abuse.
Now I stand in line to put my neck in their noose.

Fucked once more. A system rape for willing whores.

The leash from our birth serves as the noose in our death.
Track Name: Uniforms
Stories told of uniformed slaves,
willing to die for god like men -
who kill what they can’t grasp.

For every pig awaits an unmarked grave.
A monumental stone for the spineless beast;
the headless fucking hogs.

Peace cannot be brought by those with the blood of mankind on their hands.
Taught to feel no pain, this cult of the ritual slaughter.

The settling of the dust,
the closing of the body bag.
Blood stains the soil.

And when you bleed, your kings feast on
the gluttonous privilege of sheep-like soldiers -
for their killing floors.

Peace cannot be brought by those with the blood of mankind on their hands.
Taught to feel no pain. A new slave is born at dawn.
Track Name: Wretched
Time and chances wear ever so thin,
As I tread water in a sea of despair.

Void within void…
Loss after loss…
Confusion and pain.

An agonizing calloused hate,
No longer can I grin and bear it.

Complacent as my life’s sucked dry,
Silent and still I’ll remain.